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Distil - On
Distil - On

Infusil has further expanded its range of Water Distillation Units by adding the new Distil-On automatic cabinet still in glass and quartz. Distil-On is ideal for procuring ultra high purity water for demanding applications in the laboratory / tissue culture work.

Distil-On incorporates several safety devices for optimum use in hospitals and labs and has been designed to meet the International Safety Standards IEC 61010-01. Special features include Flow Control Safety, Gate Valve, Level Sensor as well as a Reservoir Level Sensor for automatic operation of the unit.

Borosilicate Glass:
T ransparent Fused Quartz:
2S- 2 ltr Single distillation
4S- 4 ltr Single distillation
8S- 8 ltr Single distillation
2D-2 ltr Double distillation
4D- 4 ltr Double distillation
8D- 8 ltr Double distillation
2SQ- 2 ltr Single distillation
4SQ- 4 ltr Single distillation
8SQ- 8 ltr Single distillation
2DQ-2 ltr Double distillation
4DQ- 4 ltr Double distillation
8DQ- 8 ltr Double distillation
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